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EMS Billing:
Whether your department performs its own billing or contracts with an outside billing company, EMS Medical Billing Associates can offer you tangible benefits you're currently not receiving.
EMS billing has become a specialty. It is a learned skill that requires a great deal of training and knowledge in order to perform accurately day in and day out. Many departments that handle their own billing may not be aware of the various stages of a billing cycle that need to be attended to, and may only have time to submit initial claims and ignore denials, requests for information, collections and research. Hence, revenues aren't maximized and tremendous amounts of much-needed dollars are left on the table, uncollected.
But more and more departments are contracting with outside billing firms for just those reasons. As a result, departments have seen their revenues soar, while at the same time being removed from the burden of the billing process. A true win-win scenario. Typically, billing services charge a small percentage of what they collect as their fee. However, some billing services charge 12%, 14% and even 17% as their initial billing fee, and it goes even higher if the claim doesn't get paid quickly. Unfortunately, departments are paying that fee without knowing they have an alternative. EMS Medical Billing Associates provides complete EMS and Fire billing services, using state-of-the-art billing and run documentation technologies, with no-cost training, support and monthly reports for a percentage fee in the single digits. There is absolutely no reason to pay more. Call today to find out how to take advantage of our technology, and put the saving back into your budget.
Fire Billing:
With fire department budgets stretched to the max, departments need to find new forms of revenue generation. More and more departments nationwide are electing to bill for some of their key services, such as:
MVA Fire Suppression
HAZMAT cleanup
EMS Medical Billing Associates are experts in recovering maximum reimbursement from insurance for fire-related services. We can provide you an executive summary of fire billing for your review today. Just call 1-866-950-4400 and ask for your free copy, and learn how we can help you fill the gaps in your budget.
Since proper documentation is directly tied to maximum revenue generation and regulatory compliance, we consider the training of EMTs vital to the overall success of the department's billing effort. EMS Medical Billing Associates conducts a training session with all EMTs, typically spanning three days to cover all shifts. Lasting 45-60 minutes depending on questions, our extremely informative Powerpoint presentation covers all aspects of proper in-field documentation, from collecting demographic and insurance information to medical necessity and proper narrative writing. Copies of Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance cards are scanned and projected on the screen so EMTs know exactly what information on these cards is necessary to obtain, and equally what is not necessary so EMTs don't document unnecessarily.
We have also incorporated a complete overview of CMS's recent changes to the patient signature requirements. We will scan a copy of your current signature sheet and show the EMTs exactly how patients, patient representatives or EMTs should sign for compliance. We have historically seen dramatic, tangible results from this training session, and will repeat it as often as requested for new EMTs and as a refresher.
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